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Shan's Pet Service in San Diego
San Diego Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Services in San Diego

10% off for the first 3 days of service (applies for new customers, excludes grooming)

Dog Walk / Pet Sitting

  • 1/2 Hour - $20.00
  • Additional Dog - $8.00

Overnight Pet Care (9pm - 7am)

  • Includes (am & pm) potty break - $56.00
  • Additional pet - $8.00

Additional Pet Services (No Fee) - apply to dog walking and pet sitting services:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Rotation of blinds/curtains
  • Rotation of lights
  • Rotation of A/C or heating
  • Take out garbage can
  • Water indoor plants
  • Bring in newspaper & mail
  • Give medication

If you have any other special pet needs that are not listed here, please don't hesitate to ask.

All Fur Pooch Grooming Price List

All bath packages include a toenail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland extraction, bath, and brush.

All full groom packages include a bath, brush, haircut, toenail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland extraction.

Choose any 3 (Nail filing, Degreaser, Conditioner, Tooth-brushing, Exfoliation, Tea Tree, Aloe, Tar & Sulfur shampoos.

X-tra Small (under 10 lbs)

Small (under 20 lbs)

Medium (under 35 lbs)

Large (under 50 lbs)

X-Large (over 50 lbs) *Large dogs (i.e. Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dog, Mastiff, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Rottweiler, Scottish Dearhound, etc.) that cannot fit in the tub for the grooming service will be charged an extra $15.

Bath Packages*

X-Tra Small dogs, short hair - $40
X-tra Small dogs, long hair - $45
Small dogs, short hair - $50
Small dogs, long hair - $55
Medium dogs, short hair - $60
Medium dogs, long hair - $65
Large dogs, short hair - $70
Large dogs, long hair - $75
X Large dogs, short hair - $80
X Large dogs, long hair - $85

*Dematting - $2 (per minute)

**All prices listed are base estimates and can vary depending on the time it takes to groom your pet, their temperament, and the overall condition of your pet.

Full Groom Packages*

X-tra Small dogs - $70 - $80
Small dogs - $85 - $95
Medium dogs - $100 - $110
Large dogs - $120 - 130
X Large dogs - $140 - 150

*Dematting - $2 (per minute)

**All prices listed are base estimates and can vary depending on the time it takes to groom your pet, their temperament, and the overall condition of your pet.

Additional Items

Extra Brushing - $10 (5 minutes)
Deshedding - $18 (small/medium)
Deshedding - $25 (large/x-large)
Deskunk - $15 (small/medium)
Deskunk - $20 (large/x-large)
Flea and Tick Shampoo - $20
Anal Glands - $10 (Without Bath Package)
Ear Cleaning - $10 (Without Bath Package)
Nail Clipping - $10 (Without Bath Package)
Nail Filing - $15 (Without Bath Package)

An additional $5.00 for every 5 miles further than my service area.

*Matting: Please note if your dog is matted, depending on the severity I may have no choice but to shave your dog. Not brushing the coat regularly causes the hair to tangle and build up, keeping in moisture, debris, feces/urine, and constantly pulls on the skin. It is very uncomfortable for the pet and it is not uncommon for there to be skin issues underneath. Brushing out the tangles, as gentle as anyone can be, is still relatively uncomfortable for your dog. I will brush out a reasonable amount but will not put your dog in danger of being hurt. I will recommend a shave, and if that doesn't satisfy I will recommend another groomer.

Once the dog is matted the damage is done, and even after shaving the coat you may notice pink skin, red spots, or urine burn. This is caused by many things; if the dog is chewing, if there are twigs or foreign objects stuck in the coat, or the matted coat is keeping the urine saturating the body. When the mats tighten it pulls on the skin, and the blood isn't able to circulate properly. Once the matting is removed, the skin can look pink or red from overcompensation of the blood finally being able to flow properly. The best way to avoid this issue is to brush your pet thoroughly every day and have them regularly groom. If you have any questions at all I am more than happy to help keep you and your pet happy!

Policies and Procedures

Be advised that by leaving your dog in my care that you have read and agree with my policies and procedures. While your pet is in my care I will make every reasonable attempt to keep your pet safe and stress free. My schedule is set to groom your pet straight through. That means you will drop off your pet, I will groom them from start to finish, and you will pick up your pet when they are done. This ensures the least amount of stress for your pet and also a timely grooming.

Grooming Time: Generally, grooming can last anywhere between 1-4 hours. Due to space and pet restrictions, I am not able to keep your pet much longer than the groom time. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment, and plan to be in the area to pick up your pet when they are ready. Also, please wait to be notified that your pet is finished before walking in during the groom. Interrupting the grooming process or perhaps letting your dog see you can make the groom take longer to finish, and more dangerous for both of us as they tend to get very excited and wiggly around their owners. If I am unable to calm them down I will have to send them home unfinished, and the full charges will apply.*

Fleas: Should your pet have fleas, a flea bath is required ($20 extra). This is to protect the property and the surrounding pets from infestation, and to give your pet temporary relief. I recommend a monthly treatment of Frontline, Advantage, Revolution or Comfortis to avoid this pesky problem. Please notify me if you think your pet has fleas ahead of time. Also, please note that if your pet is not on any flea prevention they can catch fleas at any time. I will not be responsible for any flea issues that arise if your pet is not on proper medication.

Aggression & Medical Issues: If your dog has aggression issues, I reserve the right to muzzle your pet. I will make every reasonable attempt to keep both of us safe, but should the stress be too much for your pet I will notify you to pick them up unfinished. Older dogs, dogs with a history of seizures, or dogs with a long history of health problems may also be notified to pick up early should any issues arise during the grooming process. Grooming can be especially stressful to senior pets, and some prior injuries or medical issues can get worse from stress (such as arthritis, seizures, etc). Please notify me of any issues or ailments your pet may have upon making your appointment. I will not be held responsible for any prior illnesses or injuries to your pet.

Vaccinations: All shots are to be up to date before your grooming appointment. This is for the protection of your pet. If your pet has any history of allergies to vaccines, or if it is their first series of vaccines I will not groom them on same date of the vaccination. This is to ensure your pet will not have a reaction to the vaccine(s) while in my care.

Cancellations: Clients will notify All Fur Pooch at least 72 hrs prior to the scheduled visit. Clients agree to pay 50% from what was discussed of the service. Because my schedule is booked one dog at a time, no-showing or canceling when I arrived at your home for your appointment costs me money and time. I have set aside that time especially for your pet, and no-showing or canceling when I arrived at your home means somebody else could have taken that spot. Please be respectful and call or notify me if you have to cancel. There is a fee of 50% of the base price for no-showing or canceling when I arrived at your home. Repeat offenders taking advantage of no-showing or canceling when I arrived at your home will be asked to find another groomer the 50% fee will be added.

Return Check: A handling fee of $50.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks via cash only.

Thank you for your understanding. I strive to make this an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. I look forward to meeting you and your furry one (or two)!

All Fur Pooch | Linda Ng | (619) 800-8678

Dog walking, grooming and pet sitting for the San Diego area including: Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, Clairemont, Mira Mesa, Kearny Mesa, La Jolla, Scripps Ranch, University City and more...